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I am a game producer who has over a decade of experience working for both publishers and developers in a variety of other positions including design, business and acquisitions.

I am now working in Japan as a producer and this blog will hopefully chart my journey as I attempt to carve out a space for myself whilst I deal with the daily challenges and a receding hairline!

Japan is an awesome place to be in and hope that I can help spread Japanese games around the world as that was one of the reasons for coming here.

My job (non exhaustively) is to  :

Design concepts, game designs and manage development teams.
Steer games from concept right through development and their publication.
Take developed product from Japan and release worldwide.
Take products from Worldwide and release in Japan.
Work with developers/publishers/individuals/license holders/entertainment studios etc

I am not limited to just working with Japanese developers though and work on an international scale with developers & publishers anywhere of any size.

To all creators out there – please feel free to get in touch and we will see what we can do!
I am passionate about trying to make deals happen and getting exciting games into the hands of those that matter most the gamers !