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Posted by on Dec 12, 2013 in Game Development, Japan, WorkGames | 0 comments

[WorkGames]Deadfall Adventures

[WorkGames]Deadfall Adventures

Releasing an Xbox 360 ONLY FPS game? In Japan?

Crazy? A little bit :)

Likened to Indiana Jones, actually its based on the Quatermain novels which was the influence of Indi!
Actually attacked by critiques but liked by players – its a popcorn style movie. Enjoyable, dont think too much about it – enj0y the graphics and the ride.
We did full voice localization and many were surprised we did that – especially a company our size! Japan also launched first ahead of other games world wide.
Question … why is mummy called ミイラ (mirra) in Japanese ? its a foreign word hence they use Katakana but where did it come from?